ajiib dāstān hai ye  

President's Note

Wings Cultural Society, started as an idea about making a positive change. Tarique and I decided to set up an organization to achieve that goal. On 7th of August, 2009, we received a certificate of registration, under the Societies Act, for our group. Since that day, our group's efforts have been focused on exploring the rich diversity of theatre practices that India has to offer.
Our commitment is to never close our minds to different ideas, and thus, we have on many occasions invited theatre practitioners of different cultural backgrounds to work with us. The result of such a practice is a confluence of cultural, aesthetical and social values that are anchored by a strong mutual need for creative expression. This also reflects in one of our fundamental beliefs, i.e. that theatre can be practiced in a sustainable manner while constantly welcoming and working with newcomers.
Through the years we have noticed that if given a chance, people completely uninitiated in theatre can deliver impressive performances as well as develop strong individualities and thinking. This undeniably benefits society as a whole.

About Us

Wings Cultural Society has been conceived with the idea of raising consciousness about social issues through meaningful theatre and cultural activities.

It aims to spread awareness in society through exchange of ideas, and through raising debates relevant to our times.

We debuted as a cultural group with our performance of Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni at the 21st Urdu Drama Festival on 17th February 2010, at Shri Ram Centre, New Delhi.

We endeavour to perform socially relevant theatre and conduct workshops, seminars, debates and audio-visual shows as part of our effort to be involved in the ongoing social and intellectual churning.

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  • Our Supporters


    " One of the most promising theatre groups in the capital, Wings Cultural Society has made significant strides in the theatre world by producing socially relevant plays with artistic excellence... "

    Diwan Singh Bajeli (Senior Theatre Critic)
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