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About the Play :
Georg Büchner’s ‘Woyzeck’ was written in Germany at the turn of the 19th Century. Based on a true story, although the play was a response to fast industrialization and subsequent militarization of that period, it remains relevant even today. Especially because human beings are no more than human resources and land no more than site in this world driven by profit mongering. ‘Waseem’ is therefore an attempt to understand love, life, desire and above all, the ‘human’ through an everyday story – as everyday and exemplary as murder and suicide. Waseem is a character characteristic of lower middle class Indian life. His life revolves around going to work as a constable that requires him to do what is often not only against his will but also against human dignity. He finds respite from such alienation from two things. One is his deep attachment to the forest, the land he belongs to, where he wanders off to discover himself. The other is his wife, whom he loves immensely. He belongs to her. At least so he believed. The story unfolds to tell us more about these equations.

Date 1/21/2012 Time 18:30 Venue School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU Directed Sharmistha Saha