Gandhi Park

As a part of "Jashn-e-Zabaan"
Entry Free
About the Play:
Gandhi Park revolves around three people in a park, their fight over three benches and their conversations with each other. Their conversational debate makes one laugh and forces one to think about what it is that counts as a mark of territorial entitlement – caste, region or religion? This play explores the issue of eventual displacement of human beings due to socio-economic, socio-political and cultural reasons, the issue of identity and the sense of belonging. It initiates a debate over these issues in the light of several examples from across the world. The play also takes a dig at the normative rules that people adhere to in order to get accepted by the society and often forget to reflect upon their consciousness. Is the mark of all these issues tied to questions of caste, region and religion only, or is it something more ephemeral?

Date 9/3/2011 Time 18:00 Venue SSS-1 Auditorium, JNU Directed Tarique Hameed