Written by Mahesh Elkunchwar Translated by Basant Dev Directed by Tarique Hameed About The Play : Amidst the hustle bustle of city life where hard realities hit us in the face and our fantasies often dissolve into amnesia, for one must toil hard to survive, a man wakes up one day to find his reflection amiss. He makes it known to his landlady who intends to seize it as a lucrative opportunity to achieve eminence and affluence. As they discuss this impasse, different connotations of reflection emerge, arising from one’s state of mind. Experimentation leads the lustful landlady to enter the man’s mind but it becomes too invasive on his sense of personal freedom, so he pushes her out abruptly. A traffic of comic exchange follows operating at a symbolic level. Marxist in ideology, a colleague from office visits him and is informed about the eerie situation. An ensuing discussion widens into the common man’s lack of autonomy in a consumerist urban life and the meaninglessness of possessing a reflection at all. They, too, enter each other's minds only to find a deeply rooted hypocrisy and a conscience beyond redemption, which, in itself is a reflection of the society they inhabit. As a sequel, an unknown nameless woman, having lost her reflection as well, shows up claiming love for him. The mind games and the subsequent confrontations bring to light the pain of unrequited love bringing in yet another dimension to the idea of reflection. Unable to sail through this existential crisis, the man is ultimately led to his demise. Elkunchwar’s theme of the loss of the self is manifested when the landlady, too, loses her reflection signifying the chaos that consumes each one of us.

Date 7/15/2016 Time 19:00 Venue Shri Ram Centre, Safdar Hashmi Marg, Mandi House, New Delhi Directed Tarique Hameed