Yamlok Ki Chahal Pahal

Welcome to Yamlok! We all talk about it, but nobody knows what it’s like. The play is a satire on our Indian way of life, our mannerism and beliefs.

The play also explores the concepts of heaven and hell, and to know if it truly exists. The play peeps in a different way, into the concept of life after death. The lawyer being the protagonist, depicts and showcases his interaction with other people after their death. The play revolves around the characters, who are waiting for their judgement of Hell or Heaven.

Entry by Invitation Only

Written by D.P Singh
Designed & Directed by D.P Singh / Tarique Hameed

beneficiary SHAKTIDHARA

Date 7/18/2014 Time 19:00 Venue Shri Ram Centre, Mandi House, New Delhi Directed Tarique Hameed