Sara Ka Saara Aasmaan

“Sara Shagufta, known as the Sylvia Plath of the subcontinent, is a Pakistani poet whose life was an excerpt of a painting that has shades of women’s lives across times and boundaries. After a hard and poverty stricken childhood, her first marriage was at the mere age of 14 – but she never really found marital pleasure. The familial strength that the patriarchal society screams of had always looked to weaken her. Children, also, offered no respite. Sara took to writing after the death of her child, and through her inexhaustible ache, gave us hard hitting poetry that defies social norms and cultural barriers of her times (and even ours). She did this in her own capacity at a time and place where knowledge (ilm) was strictly a male domain. We all know, in our own understandings, what happens to women who dare. Sara’s brevity and rationality in a coward irrational system frequently dragged her to mental asylums. In “Sara kaSaaraAasmaan”, the less spoken about fractions of Sara’s life are highlighted through phases of passive submission, acceptance, grief, retaliation, humility and well, peace. Sara Shagufta in her 30 years of existence (1954-1984) understood a world that failed to understand her, a world that continues to fail to understand her. "

Date 4/27/2018 Time 18:30 Venue C.D Deshmukh Auditorium, India International Centre, New Dilhi Directed Tarique Hameed