Ek kutte Ki Kahaani

The play "Ek Kutte Ki Kahaani", through the use of dramatic enactments, uses the metaphor of Sa’adat Hasan Manto’s two most famous short stories, "Tetwal Ka Kutta" and "Kali Shalwar” to present Manto's own analysis of his most controversial, often split personality traits, which were not palatable to the conservative society of that time. The exploitation of women, the horrifying experiences of partition, the honest and stark depiction of the underbelly of society, his own cynicism and his endless eulogy of himself as the best short story writer of India are all elements that feature in this analysis The play, by fleshing out these characters, so often misunderstood and sometimes shunned by society, highlights the comprehensive appreciation of his work, both by his opponents and supporters, and presents the spark of life that survives in the human being against all odds. Manto hears the inner voice of the soul, his own, and that of the characters of his stories, and we, the audience share the experience through the play.

Date 3/16/2015 Time 18:30 Venue Muktadhara Auditorium, Gole Market, New Delhi Directed Salima Raza