Anokhi Muskurahat

Based on a short story by Syed Mohammad Mohsin, Anokhi Muskurahat explores the nuanced differences of a life that is beyond what the society normalizes. Through this tacit tale, there is a reminder that an action is not performed in isolation but is an event that has many precursory events leading up to it. Jumni has only known life through the deaths around her. Raised in a graveyard by her caretaker father, Jumni has naturally learned to associate good times with the number of deaths in the society. After all, every time death makes an appearance, it brings them more money for sweets, sarees and life's other little luxuries. Orphaned and married to a kind man, but nevertheless a man of the world, she puts her hopes on a life that would soon alienate her. Even though loved and accepted, her joy translating into an unassuming smile at funerals is not understood and becomes a reason for a witch hunt against her.

Date 10/13/2019 Time 18:30 Venue Rang Parivartan Studio, Gurugram, Haryana-122001 Directed Tarique Hameed